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Getting fit in lockdown: The 10 most popular fitness video games

22/05/2020 - Angela East

The gym junkies will no doubt be climbing the walls by now, desperate to get back among the sweaty bods and weight pumping action.

While gyms and fitness centres are starting to reopen around the country, restrictions still apply, and people aren’t able to just drop in like they used to.

Whether you’re a gym junkie, yoga aspirant or just do whatever you can to keep the weight off, we’ve all had to adapt to a new norm.

And this is where the new-age digital era has come in particularly handy.

In the 80s, we would have had to resort to those leotard and leg warmer toting ladies with the big hair to keep us fit with their repetitive aerobics workouts on VHS. You know the ones:

But in the 2020s we have a whole lot more options that span so many digital platforms.

Personal trainers had to become more creative to keep themselves busy while the gyms were closed. This led to a flood of YouTube and live social media streamed workouts.

In particular, there has been a boom in yoga during lockdown, according to Sydney Yoga Collective.

“Moving classes online to our on-demand model has increased our student reach tenfold,” SYC founder and head Yogi Casey Castro said.

“We are now reaching students all over Australia, Asia, the US, and Russia.

“With all the uncertainty around quarantine, social distancing, and working from home, we have seen a huge increase in wellness. People are turning to alternative ways to manage their bodies and mind.”

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