Eastern Suburbs Mums X Sydney Yoga Collective

Celebrate Local mums: Mothers Day


Where and how long have you lived in the Eastern Suburbs? What do you like about the area you live in?

Woolloomooloo, 5 years. Love the colourful characters that reside here.

Number of Children? How would you describe them?

4 children; 3 boys and a girl. They are well rounded and thoughtful children who are a pleasure to spend extended time with. Of course they have their moments, as everyone does, and they are enjoyable, curious and full of love and respect.


Work full time for myself as the head yogi at Sydney Yoga Collective, and also as a Pre/postnatal specialist and kids yoga teacher

What does Mothers’ Day mean to you especially during a COVID world?

Mother’s Day means spending a meaningful day with my immediate family and spending longer than usual time on facetime with my mother and mother in law.

Name 3 things you would like on Mothers Day?

To sleep past 7am, cuddles with everyone in bed, a day spent surrounded by laughter and joy, where ever we are.

Full article here: http://www.easternsuburbsmums.com.au/sydney-eastern-suburbs/celebration-of-local-mums-mothers-day

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