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How it works

Keeping with our affordable yoga for everyone philosophy, we have partnered with local schools to bring kids yoga in Sydney


The benefits of yoga are the same for kids as they are for adults:


  • Increases flexibility & strength

  • Develops focus & concentration

  • Great for coordination & spatial awareness

  • Excellent way to foster a calm body and mind.


We work with the school to organise a suitable time and space to run our weekly classes on site. These are run either after/before school or during school hours each week on the same day. 


Classes are held indoors, in one of the classrooms, and all mats and props provided. 


We cater to mixed-sex classes from kindergarten to year 6, and year 7 to 12. If the demand is high enough, we can further separate into two age groups and run classes concurrently. 


Find out more

For more information on our school's program please contact us and we would be happy to discuss and organise a face to face chat with one of our senior teachers.



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