Corporate Pricing

Sydney Yoga Collective offers corporate pricing for companies that are looking for creative ways to invest in the wellbeing of their employees.


Businesses that incorporate yoga into one of their wellness programs should find that it will help to reduce stress and anxiety that is brought on from the modern-day working life.


Sydney Yoga Collective's offering is flexible for all staff. This is due to all 32 of their classes being streamed online, these classes are accessible for up to 32 hours after the yoga class stream goes live. With many classes happening all throughout the day and week, there is a yoga class for everyone to enjoy. 



1-10 employees -$50 per month
11-25 employees - $100 per month
26-50 employees - $200 per month
51-100 employees - $450 per month
101-500 employees - $1000 per month
501-1000 employees - $2000 per month
1001-5000 employees - $5000 per month
5001+ employees - $8000 per month


Smaller and larger companies can contact the Sydney Yoga Collective Team directly for a quote. 


For more information or to sign up to one of our corporate programs - simply email 

(02) 8005 7091

Sydney, Australia

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