Here at SYC, we take our hygiene very seriously.


We have implemented some cleaning guidelines and schedules to ensure that all in-studio patrons and teachers are safe and are following our important hygiene practices.


Teachers/Private Hirers:

Teachers and private hirers will be required to use the sanitizing station upon arrival. 

After the class or the private hire time slot has ended, you will be required to follow our cleaning guideline and sign the SYC cleaning timesheet. Instructions on how to clean the studio will be available for you on the studio wall in poster format next to the sanitizing station. 


Yoga Students:

Upon arrival, students will be required to first use our sanitizing station which can be located on the left-hand side of the studio (right near the studio entrance).

Students will also be required to bring their own water bottles, props & mats in order to stay in line with COVID guidelines.

If you forget your yoga mat, there will be SYC premium yoga mats available for purchase in the studio.