Over 5000 years of history is hard to argue with; yoga is good for you. 


That being said, for many of us, it is also inaccessible – both financially and also as yogis tend to take their practice just a little bit too seriously for the average person. 


Sydney Yoga Collective is filling the accessible gap, both in person and virtually. Practicing across many iconic Sydney locations – and a home base studio located in the heart of Bondi Junction, Sydney, they offer affordable yoga with just the ‘right amount of hippie.’ 


Founder of the Sydney Yoga Collective Casey Castro, fits this mold herself – she is not your typical yogi; she sees and believes in the benefits, but her wit and humour prevent the classes from getting overly spiritual. The classes are a fresh take on traditional vinyasa, kundalini, and yin, they are upbeat and strike the right balance between mindfulness and frankly, fun.


“I left the corporate world after my third child and wanted to do something with more impact and purpose. I am not a traditional hippie, but I do love the holistic license it gives me and the new my way thinking” explains Casey.


Perfect for beginners, occasional yogi’s, or serious contenders, Sydney Yoga Collective offers a range of styles and classes to suit individuals looking for an affordable yoga studio.